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Forex CFD Trading Partner

How to become a partner

How to provide our partners with the in-depth analysis, resources and support needed for their business. Our partner program offers flexible options to meet your needs in multiple directions

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Trading Affiliates

Joining partner

If you are very interested in Forex trading and CFD trading, and want to earn rewards after every referral of friends and relatives, then the affiliate program is your ideal choice. Become a joining partner for free, very simple! Start acting now and work with us.

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Introducing Broker

Introducing broker

Get a rich, personalized compensation plan, a full-time account manager and a full suite of marketing tools with advanced reporting capabilities to provide detailed analysis of conversion rates, commissions and more.

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Money Manager

Fund manager

Our financial manager program offers great opportunities to expand your customer base and increase your assets while leveraging digital LPOA for back-office and technical logistics.

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Whitelabel Forex CFD Trading

Advanced white label program

Our advanced white label program begins your own brokerage business. Whether it's just getting started or mature, and hope to further expand the brand, our white label program can help you.Learn about our plans right away

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API Trading Partner

API transaction

We have integrated the MetaTrader API, allowing traders and signal providers to connect to our liquidity centers and servers through a multi-industry standard protocol using a multi-technology platform.

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